INSYTE of Spanish company founded in 1987.

edificio_insyteThe portfolio of services includes job design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic products in the fields of avionics , military , electro -medicine, (wind , nuclear … ) energy, telecommunications and industrial electronics to provide a global service and high quality to customers.

Comprised of a team of 90 professionals working to meet the demands of discerning customers.
We have a facility of 7,400 m2.


e_medicinaElectromedical :
INSYTE is approved to manufacture all kinds of medical electrical equipment . It is currently manufactured for the different areas of this sector , the latest technology that serve hospitals , health centers , public and private clinics.


militarMilitary Electronics: INSYTE is currently one of the leading manufacturers approved by various companies for the manufacture and supply of military equipment. From the flight monitor for European combat aircraft to various wired and navigation systems , antennas etc. . for military and civil avionics. Our experience in this field is broad and recognized by both private companies and public institutions by themselves .


Home Automation / Payment Methods : INSYTE since its inception has manufactured , industrialized and developed all kinds of consumer electronics equipment . Were manufactured in 6 years 800k Terminals bank payment means , being recognized in this work for prestigious companies and banking institutions .


Telecommunications : Manufacture of GPS / GPRS , A- GPS, GSM location technology. Professional Manufacture of ADSL modems , ISDN , ADSL2 + , routers, etc. .


Industrial electronics : Design and manufacture of products for industrial / professional machinery. Equipment / modules