Technological specialisation and adaptation to specific requirements

Engineering Services

  • Bench testing
  • Board routing
  • Management of obsolete components: electronics updating
  • Industrialisation of electronic equipment to improve manufacturing, quality and functionality
  • Prototype manufacturing, recommendation reports, process definition, etc.
  • Assembly documentation, including road maps

PCB Assembly and Finished Product Services

  • Assembly of SMT components (from 0201 to 2520, TSSOPS, BGA, μBGAs, VSOP, TQFP and L/PQFN, etc.) using the latest equipment. RoHs and SnPb.
  • Assembly of conventional components: wave, selective, and manual soldering.
  • Option of automated board cleaning and varnishing. Measurement of varnish thickness
  • Option of full or partial PCB encapsulation
  • Manufacturing of finished and tested boards and electronic equipment.
  • Prototype, pre-series, small series and medium series manufacturing
  • Traceability of components, boards and products
  • Purchasing of all components

Wiring and cabling services

  • Working with all types of cables and wires: optical fibre, multipair, single-wire, coaxial cable (triaxial and twin-axial), etc.
  • Undertaking all types of connections: crimp, IDC, etc.
  • Producing fibre optic cables
  • Cutting and stripping of cables and cable coils of any length
  • Mounting pre-assembled boards and panels
  • Protective cable coil sleeving (Nomex, mesh, etc.).
  • Wire and cable securing and guiding
  • Cable rolling and packing
  • Tests of all kind according to the wire or cable
  • Management from material purchasing to product delivery

Testing Services

For electronic assemblies and equipment

  • Inspection and verification using 3D X-Rays on PCBs with BGA and μBGA mounts, on cables and wires to ensure the correct connection or assembly of connectors, and on resins to ensure no bubbles are present, etc.
  • Full 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) of boards
  • Solder paste inspection (SPI) in 3D before mounting SMD components to verify correct application
  • Electrical check before SMD component mounting (on request)
  • Electrical flying probe tests on PCBs, injecting signals by means of mobile probes (continuous, short, values, polarity, etc.)
  • Functional tests, JTAG and software loading, and boundary scan

Wiring and cabling tests

  • Tests regarding continuity, high voltage, crimping hold, frequency, insertion loss, interferometry, etc.

Repair and Maintenance Services

  • From the collection of the product, to its delivery with a repair report.
  • Component purchasing
  • Replacement stock and repairs within 24, 48 or 72 hours
  • Component repairs on electronic assemblies
  • Repairs on components and pieces of electronic equipment
  • Search for obsolete and alternative components
  • Tests on repaired products
  • In-situ wire and cable repairs
  • Equipment installation